Window Treatments


Though window treatments are only part of the whole environment thing, formany clients they are the one area where they are confounded.


There is probably no other feature that adds more architectural interest to a room than a window.         


So, hurray for us! Texas has lots of big windows!! The downside of this? We must deal with light and heat transfer issues.  Visually, window treatments are one of the most impactful elements of a room’s look. Note the Before and After of the photos above. Form and Function are both critical here. It doesn’t really matter which follows which.

Decorating on a Shoe String will help you determine what makes the most sense here after determining:

  • How much privacy is needed.
  • Whether there is a sun issue that wakes you up in the morning, blinds you at dinner, or casts a glare on the family altar (the Bigger and Better TV) .
  • Whether there is anything beautiful outside your windows.
  • How much you are willing to do to operate the window treatments: Will you pull a cord? Slide a baton ? Hit a remote?
  • Whether the room under consideration could stand to be softened or warmed up (as in warm hospitatlity).
  • What would mix best with the existing features and fabrics of the room.

Admire more window photos in the Window Treatment Gallery.

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